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A newly designed high-speed camera car that provides a broad range of efficient filming capabilities for any given sequence. Conceived with safety as the top priority, The Halo has the ability to telescopically boom at high speeds, while automatically contouring to the car itself, allowing for maximum control and a production friendly small footprint. Created by a team of seasoned camera specialists, The Halo was envisioned as an economical yet groundbreaking product, ready to change the landscape for the film and television industry.

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Mercedes AMG GL63

  • Efficient and Compact

  • Only requires a 3-person support crew team

  • Ready to shoot right off the trailer

  • Small and Safe

  • Maximum width 9'6"

  • Fits in one driving lane at all times

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    Shooting Advantages

  • Able to do compound driving moves in any direction

  • Repositions in seconds for maximum shooting coverage

  • Uses any stabilized head preferred by the production

  • Fits virtually every size camera/lens/stabilized head combo

  • Does not require roads to be closed in NYC in order to shoot

  • Holds 6 people total in forward facing comfort

  • Can be operated independently from main film crew as its own unit if desired

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    Technical Specifications

  • Has a standing height of less than 9'

  • 540 degrees of horizontal travel

  • Over 8' of vertical travel

  • 15' max lens height in over-slung mode

  • Minimum width 6'6"- Maximum width 9'6"

  • Minimum length 17' - Maximum length 20'

  • Weight 7200 lbs

  • Camera moves in linear motions as appose to an arc movement

  • 15 feet of straight movement down either side of car

  • Small HD 1303's installed as well as prewired power and video
  • Who We Are

    We are Road Runner Camera Cars, founded by Jared Sturner in 1990. Jared has been involved in the movie industry for over 30 years.

    What We Do

    Road Runner Camera Cars provides a complete package of services for a moving set including 6 cars, cranes, Trailers, and Tows.

    Contact Us

    Telephone: (914) 777-7400
    Fax: (914) 560-2219
    Email: ObscureMyEmail

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